Prime Health Capsule(EXTRA EFFECTIVE)


PRIME HEALTH CAPSULE: Prime health capsules keeps your healthy and fit for your daily lift. it prevents weight gain , physical weakness, muscle wasting, chronic issues, loss of appetite, liver or digestive disorder and anemia. It keeps you to build body and gives you energy for healthy and active everyday life.

DOSAGE: For healthy body one-one capsule each morning and evening after meal till 90 days, after that take one capsule a day till 2 month ,Then eat alternately.don`t stop the medicine till your body muscles tightens.Reduce the amount of medicine gradually.Before the muscles tightens if you leave the medicine once,you may loss weight,To increase appetite and for weakness take medicines two times a day for 10 days,people with heart problem,diabetes,high blood pressure,pregnant woman are recommended not to take this medicine.

PRECAUTIONS TO BE FOR FOOD: To increase appetite eat full stomach but avoid spicy things. Along with the medicine you can eat meat and fish. Vegetarian people should eat milk,pulses and green leafy vegetable. At the start of medicine one or two days, you may feel lazy or sleep. But after two days you will feel normal. If after taking medicine you feel any problem immediately stop taking medicine and consult your doctor.